Best acceptance, sympathy and valence values in comparison with other sports make sponsoring in motorsport interesting. Talk to us - we can analyse to the point which commitment is suitable for you and where you can profit.

Why advertising lies and sponsorship does not:

Advertising lies! Almost 80% of the population are convinced of this. Consequence: almost all classic advertising messages are no longer perceived. Much worse: the target group feels harassed - sometimes even threatened. Result: disinterest or even rejection.
In sponsoring, on the other hand, this effect is reversed. 65 % of the population appreciates the commitment. This is because it is also about supporting sportsmen and sportswomen and sports that are worthy of promotion.

Sponsorship is therefore accepted and more popular than "just" advertising.

Sponsorship is more popular than TV and print advertising. On the other hand, almost all people who dislike TV and print advertising find "sponsorship important for sport".

Take this opportunity to put your marketing activities to the test and ask us about the ways in which your brand can benefit from sponsorship in motorsport. We will find interesting and effective sponsorship spaces for you, support you with live communication on site and provide you with relevant content in pictures, text and film for your corporate communications.

Motorsport sponsorship offers the platform for live communication at eye level.
Racing classes to touch and feel good about.

The right racing series for your brand, from GT to truck racing. SYNGENTO knows the ranges and target groups of the championships and positions you as a sponsor in the best possible way with high-performance teams.

Sponsoring is more than a logo on the track or on the race car. SYNGENTO knows many tricks that lead to efficient and sustainable success.