Marketing ... done.

As a team leader, you know that without media presence, the "whole thing" is almost useless. SYNGENTO takes care of your media coverage. With over 20 years of experience, we know exactly which target group needs to be served via which media and implement this in a highly professional manner.

From your team website to social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, you will be perfectly supported and positioned in the media.

Through a very high degree of networking of the visual and textual content directly on site, as well as the relevant websites, your successes and experiences are spread across your channels in real time.

Build on decades of marketing experience and focus yourself and your team on the essentials.
From now on, SYNGENTO will take care of all the "rest", including the sponsor sticker.

SYNGENTO channels the relevant data and provides decision-making support in marketing matters through short service channels. Contemporary marketing activities and sponsor care.

Focus your energy on the essential things in your daily dealings with racing. SYNGENTO is your contact for marketing and PR work..

As a team manager, you enjoy the freedom of only being able to deal with the really important things about your team and your sport.